Our Platform

A solution that brings connected vehicle data to your insurance & risk programme.

Data from any source

We bring together data from any connected device in your fleet or client's vehicles.

Consistent and comparable output

Different devices speak many languages making them difficult to compare. We turn this into one simple useable output.

Time critical alerts

Collisions and other driving incidents need an immediate response. We filter out the noise and give you the real time information you need to act fast.

Risk Analytics

Driver risk management has never been more important. We combine your vehicle and other driver data to underpin a targetted and objective risk management programme.


Ready-to-go for seamless delivery at national or international scale.


Open and agnostic, enabling access to all devices and systems.


A platform with security by design and compliance at it's heart.

Low barrier, high return

Low risk with proven commercial gain for rapid ROI.

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