Our Platform

A fully scaleable and intelligent, technology-agnostic platform, that lets you do more with connected vehicle data. Quick and easy to integrate, our Software as a Service solution embeds seamlessly to complement your existing services and deliver proven benefits for your customers.

Data from any source

CMS has developed a technology agnostic platform, capable of processing data from any telematics devices.

Connected Cars, Mobile Apps, Connected Cameras, Black Box.

Complex made simple

Easy to integrate, CMS can be embedded seamlessly into existing platforms to aggregate data from multiple sources, clients and systems.

Commercial Fleets, Insurance, Brokers, Service Providers, Individual Drivers.

Optimised data handling

We use proprietary methods for normalising data to a reference grade device, so that all data is comparable and consistent.

Reduce Redundancy, Improve Integrity, Automate Actions.

Less data-noise, less effort

CMS applies machine learning techniques to analyse specific telematics data, filtering out false events and identifying critical alerts such as crashes in real time.

Instant Notification, Immediate Decisions, Resource-Lite.

Actionable Output

CMS stores highly granular telematics information as standard, this can be made available as a data feed or analysed and displayed via a bespoke dashboard.

Easy To Interpret, Accelerate Processes, Optimise Claims.



Ready-to-go for seamless delivery at national or international scale.


All devices, all processes, CMS's open and agnostic platform fits right in.


A platform with security by design and compliance at it's heart.

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