Our Platform

A scaleable and intelligent platform that lets you do more with connected vehicle data.

Data from any source

Technology agnostic and capable of consuming connected vehicle data from any embedded or retrofit telematics system.

Consistent and comparable output

Proprietary methods for standardising data from multiple devices, ensuring all data is comparable and consistent.

Real-time alerts

Leverage our AI algorithms and analyse specific telematics data to filter out false events and identify critical alerts such as crashes in real-time.

Unparalleled risk insight

Combine connected vehicle and non-vehicle data in our risk analytics engine to enable a deeper and more intelligent view of risk to be formed.



Ready-to-go for seamless delivery at national or international scale.


Open and agnostic, enabling access to all devices and systems.


A platform with security by design and compliance at it's heart.

Low barrier, high return

Low risk with proven commercial gain for rapid ROI.

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