Motor Manufacturers

With CMS you can add value with instant crash detection and increase revenue from driver repair and real-time roadside response services.



Reduces insurance and claims costs for connected vehicle drivers.


Easy to integrate and deploy, one solution for all hardware.


Leverage a platform used by global insurers and telematics providers.


Highly compliant platform, undergoes regular testing and aids GDPR conformance.

CMS Added Value

Empower All Models

CMS is hardware independent and can be used with a wide spectrum of data sources including embedded car systems or retrofitted telematics solutions.

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Instant crash detection

Create a powerful differentiator, using connected vehicle systems to deliver real-time crash detection and facilitate roadside response services.

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Link to insurer programmes

Allow your customers to benefit from proactive claims support and reduced insurance and claims costs.

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Compliment eCall

Leverage eCall to your advantage, cut through data-noise and generate alerts that will allow you increase driver repair revenue.

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